Hotel is near The Mall

Our Hotel is near The Mall Outlet Luxury Store – and other important outlets are located in close proximity, where shopping lovers can find great opportunities to buy their preferred fashion brands.

The Mall is a stunning destination when it comes to luxury shopping at fantastic prices.

“The Mall is a special place, set in the heart of Tuscany’s hills, waiting for those seeking excellence.”
In the heart of the idyllic Tuscan countryside, in a refined, elegant architectural setting, The Mall outlet centre brings you a selection of the most exclusive international fashion brands in its own unique style.
The Mall is a luxury outlet centre, developed to provide visitors with excellent items at extremely attractive prices.

  • The Mall – Via Europa, 8 – Leccio Regello
  • Pellettieri d’Italia – Spaccio Prada – Levanella Montevarchi
  • Fashion Groove – Loc. S. Maria Maddalena – Incisa Valdarno
Hotel near the mall outlet

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